What are the best HTML editors for desktop in 2019?

Gone are the days when developers needed to type the codes manually. However, some web developers still like to type all codes by hand. HTML is a vital part when it comes to web development and creation of internet application. If you are a web developer, you must know the best HTML editors that maintain the productivity and efficiency. In this post, we will discuss some HTML editors that help you to write proficient codes while developing a custom website.

Best HTML editors for desktop in 2019


Notepad++ is a powerful open source text editor that supports the multiple coding languages and HTML. It is a simple code editor that is based on the editing component named Scintilla and utilizes the pure Win32 API and ST. It is the smallest program which works faster and takes less power and lesser emissions. The key features of this code editor are Syntax highlighting, Multi-view, Macro recording, Syntax folding, Multi-document, Auto-completion and playback

Note Tab:

Note Tab is one of the best HTML editors that are also known as award-winning code editor which provides the streamlined editing. It has good functions including tag inserting, drag and drop snippets, auto-complete feature including the suggestion of phrases’ end, and insert bits of code from the toolbar. It also offers the syntax highlighting for CSS, HTML, and XML. The key features of this code editor are HTML toolbar, Insert code snippets, Drag-and-drop code snippets, text editor, and Syntax highlighting. It supports the Linux and Windows and available for €39.95.


Atom is source code and text editor that is compatible with HTML and coding languages for Windows. This code editor allows the users to share and edit the workspace in real time. If you want to bring IDE functionality to this coding editor, you can download IDE-Atom packages. On the other hand, GitHub package lets you create different stages, branches, commit, push and pull and determine combine clashes within your editor. You can also work with Git and GitHub while using Atom. The key features of this fantastic and simple code editor are a fuzzy finder, Project management, drag-and-drop code snippet and text, Package Installation and text editing.


SynWrite is open source code and text editor that is available free of cost. It has a user-friendly interface with multi-caret editing. This open source code editor integrates several great ideas from many developers and providing a good environment for programmers and web developers. The key features of this code editor are regular expressions, macro recording, code folding, Auto-completion, Multi-caret editing, and code highlighting. You can download it for free and it supports for Windows. You can also download a wide range of plug-ins from its official website which let you encompass the functionality of this code editor. There is also a forum where you can chat and discuss your problems with other web developers.


These best HTML editors are the complete solution when you are going to develop your website or new internet application. Give it a try and let us know about your experience.