The Ultimate Guide To SOUNDCLOUD Promotion

Well, you heard about Soundcloud is an excellent platform for a musician to share their music online, but its time-consuming buy SoundCloud followers, they provide independent space for artists to promote their music and do promotion.

However, the Soundcloud offers tons of useful tools as well. If you use it effectively will bring SoundCloud plays and Soundcloud followers matter to you.

In this article, We will look at the History of SoundCloud, Features, Benefits and a Few Tips of Getting SoundCloud promotion.

History of SoundCloud

SoundCloud launched 11 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden, and design by Alexander Lijung and Eric Walforrs the purpose of starting Soundcloud to allow musicians to share their music tracks and recording online.


When you start using SoundCloud, you can access millions of music track.

  • SoundCloud allows creating your favorite playlist songs.
  • Allows commenting on other music tracks.
  • Listeners can download the music and listen offline as well
  • Soundcloud is available on IOS and Android
  • Offer Pro plan as well.
  • Soundcloud has radio station feature.

Benefits of buying Soundcloud

There are countless benefits to buying SoundCloud. Let me explain some of them.

  1. People can upload their recording in less than two hours.
  2. Soundcloud user can listen to music offline.
  3. Users can download the song in mp3 format.
  4. Soundcloud is fast, and you can share your music with other musicians.

Tips for getting SoundCloud promotion.

Add a ‘Buy’ Link

Its great people are listening and liking your music, but it won’t make users to buy the track. Not to worry the good news SoundCloud allows you to add a buy link to your track. Just select the meta tab when you are uploading.

Sharing means caring

As we heard, this sharing is caring; indeed, you know how that doesn’t focus on uploading your music only . SoundCloud offer repost artist exciting music you can’t stop listening. By sharing another artist music, it will help your audience to build trust and authority.

SoundCloud is a very supportive community however if you share and support another artist in your feed you will get a better chance they will share your music!

Share your music on Social media

Social media is an excellent asset for musicians to share the music pick one of the apps you use most such as a Facebook tumbler etc. SoundCloud is user-friendly with other social media.Create hashtags ask the question do survey make polls what music track they like most and share it.


Make sure your music is findable when users are searching on Soundcloud create related tags once you find a real friendly artist they will start sharing music.

Set up your profile carefully

Make sure the profile picture is upload because of the famous network owners artist judge will you on this. SoundCloud is an excellent tool to have to promote your music, make sure to use it properly. if you like my tips make sure you share it comment and share smartly.