New Ways to control your ads in Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms which has been involved in major advertisements and marketing in the online world. The social media platform is evolving itself just to adapt more e-commerce features. The social network is now looking for adding more space to fit in more advertisers so that they inject their ads. There is another system being developed by Facebook which will manage the ad content that where the ads should appear in, what type of ads should be best targeted to the specific set of people which are interested in that type of ads.

The social media platform will also be able to create more improvements in that system which would be able monitor the content for different advertisements and marketing campaigns for businesses and brands. Facebook allows two main ways to their users to manage their ads. First way is by creating their own block list for their advertisements. You have to download all the URLs which you have to block your ads on that website. If you as a user wants to prevent all the websites then you have to add all the URLs, Facebook pages and accounts related to that website. All this process is done manually which is why it can take a lot of work to build a block list.

The second way to manage the ads is through the Executive Categories tool which allows the users to manage the ads section easily. The social media platform provides five different basis to choose why the ads should not appear in a certain website. These five different basis are, Debatable Social Issues, Mature, Tragedy and Conflict, Dating and Gambling. The debatable social issues which are controversial somehow should not associated with the ads along with the mature content. Dating applications and Gambling apps are not associated with the ads campaigns but there are still some dating and gambling apps that appear different ads on their platforms. Topics which are related to emotional suffering and physical abuse are also not associated with the ads campaigns and the agencies which are involved in this.

These basis are the major concerns for the ads agencies when it comes to choosing which ads should be appeared in some websites. There are are some brands which do not want them to be associated with some advertisement campaigns. For all this management Facebook is working more on these issues to improve the system so that the users can easily use the system to manage the ad content. Some ads may still appear even if they are related to the five different basis on which the ads should appear or not. It also depends on the nature of the website or the mobile application that it may run those kinds of ads. All these steps will help the social media platform to get more cautious with actions going on in this online world and saving the platform itself by different types of propaganda.