How to see what Photos Someone likes on Instagram?

Instagram is one of those social media platforms that has had an increasingly growing trend in today’s world. Not only that, but Instagram continues to grow in its number of users daily.


There are many features Instagram offers to its users. For some Instagram is a platform to spend their leisure time on or pass their time on. Whereas, for some others Instagram offers to enact as a platform to grow their business or earn some money.

This is why various individuals are interested in knowing who has liked whose posts or how many people have liked a specific post. These stats are important for different people for different reasons.

Why Do We Need it?

buy real instagram followersSome individuals like to analyze everything regarding what they’ve posted or what others have posted on Instagram, specifically how many likes a post has gotten and who have liked the post. In this regard, Instagram’s default options can likely help out. To see what photo someone has liked on Instagram one can manually go to the post on the individual’s profile and tap on the specific post.

There the exact number of people who have liked the post will show up under the post in the left-hand corner. To see which people have liked the post, one can simply tap on the number of likes and a list of usernames of the people who have liked the post will be displayed.

Technical Methods

For those who would like to have more in-depth knowledge regarding the stats of their posts can get the help of other tools. Tools that can precisely let the user know the views on their posts by the exact number of people in comparison to who has liked those posts.

The same can be achieved with the comments. Both of which can aid a user in figuring out where their account’s engagement level is standing at. This can be especially essential in the case of influencer marketing.

Mobile Apps

For instance, BestBuddies is an app that can enact as such a type of tool which can aid in helping users figure out exactly who is among their top ‘likers’ and what exact percentage of users fall into the criteria or category of the posts they have liked or commented on. Best buddies connect or syncs with the user’s Instagram account and then generates a list of those users who are most active on a user’s Instagram account.

Different individuals benefit from this in different ways, depending on their sense of purpose for using Instagram.

For individuals, it may become a regular activity to look into the number of likes and comments they are getting on their photos or videos. To increase their level of activity or interaction with their followers on Instagram.

Whereas, for those users who are using Instagram to enhance their brands or company’s popularity or trying to improve their business by breaching out into other forms of platforms can highly benefit from this.


They can benefit in such a way that they can investigate how many sales they can make selling their product or service and try to improve if they are lacking in it.

Instagram also used to have an added feature where an individual could view whose posts their followers’ were liking and leaving comments on. This feature enabled users to view a list of the interactions and activities of their followers’. On the other hand, recently, Instagram made the decision and implemented the decision to remove this additional feature.

As it allowed other users to interfere in the privacy of their followers. Some users have also known to be hesitant in liking or leaving comments on the posts of others as they were hesitant of others interfering in their interactions and activities. As a result, Instagram made the decision to remove this feature. Some were resistance towards this idea, regardless; of the reaction; the decision was still implemented.

Now, users have more freedom on whose photos and videos they like or leave comments on. This had also enacted as an added benefit as for some accounts, their interaction activity had immensely increased in comparison to before when the feature was still present.