How Americans Interact with Famous Social Media Content: Report 2019

There are approximately more than 2.7 billion social media users all around the world. Which makes up about 35 percent of the world’s population. It is very important that social media networking sites work on how they are affecting its users as they are increasing day by day.

1.What does the Manifest survey tell you

According to the latest survey by Manifest, approximately one-third, (which is 30 percent) of social media users interact more than ten times a day. This includes by liking, commenting and sharing each other’s content. This helps people to stay connected. People of similar interests can come together and have a nice time. Many people are taking full advantage of this platform and why wouldn’t they? Moreover, it is estimated that a social media user (which is 94%) has a habit of posting content regularly. Which includes 42 percent of people who post minimum once in a day.

2.What is the most popular content on social media?

About two-thirds (which means 69 percent people) post image content on social media which beats the video and announcement content. In this digital era, images are on demand in comparison of content with text only.

3.Social media’s most popular channels

The result of the survey proves that even after all what Facebook is facing these days, it is still one of the most popular social media channels. There have been reports of Facebook losing its youth audience and that overall social media users have limited their time spent on Facebook but still, it is going strong and working on the aspects that are leading it to lack behind.

There are two social networking apps that are growing at a faster rate than Facebook is, and they are YouTube and Instagram. Business attain more high-quality Instagram followers that help them interact with social media world.

4.Social media platforms you should use for liking and sharing content

Facebook is on the top when a person is only willing to check on and like other’s content and share their own. This includes 52 percent of social media users who are sharing content and 54 percent people who are liking content. After Facebook, Instagram is the most used social networking app used for liking and sharing content.


Such surveys should be performed every now and then so that businesses and organizations are able to see where they stand at that time. No business is always stable. Every platform needs to consistently work hard and fulfil the needs of their audience. This may be hard at a lot of points, but social media platforms have a huge responsibility of maintaining a nice environment in the social networking world. Introducing new and creative features can help engage the audience. Many social media networking platforms are doing that, such as Facebook, they have introduced a lot of fun features lately but only a few were able to survive, and the rest just had to be shut down after a month or so.