Black History Month; Instagram launched the Hashtag and Different Creative Tools for the Users


For black history month different social media platforms are using their creativity and features to celebrate it. Snapchat has come up with their new lens which is dedicated to the black history month through which people can express their art by using the virtual reality concept. Just like Snapchat, Instagram has launched a hashtag which is #ShareBlackStories in order to honor the the black community along with that it will be used to showcase different creative artists. The hashtag will be used by the popular black artists which will use their influence to attract more people who are young or they don’t have the best opportunities to raise their voice through their art.

What the hashtag is about:

The social media platform elaborates on the hashtag that there will be many creative artists which can either be famous or not will be using it to spread their work. Instagram is also allowing their users to use different tools in order to edit their content by making them more creative and attractive. It can be best done in the stories feature where the users can easily add different filters and stickers. Black artists all over the world have used these features to be a part of this wonderful event and also increased their instagram followers without running a paid campaign.

This hashtag is used to promote the black artists which do not have the opportunities to showcase their work to the wider audience. Through this many young artists will get more attention which will be great for the culture and the communities around the country and the whole world.

The social media world itself is used to spread the message to the whole world but still it gets very difficult for many people to make their voice reachable. Trends like these helps a lot of people as these are specific to one concept and many people are following it so this makes it easy for many people especially the artists to make the audience hear them through their art.


It is great that how all the social media platforms are using different ways to support the people’s voice. It can be done by giving them the platform to represent their culture and the community they are living in. Representation matters a lot so when it is being done through art and music, it can be really influential to the present generation and the upcoming one. This leaves a positive impact on the society. Especially in the time like this where there is a cultural war happening on. Events like these helps to recover the good fabric of the societies.

Promotions like these should always be happening by using various trends throughout the year as this helps a lot for the people. Companies in the social media world have more than billion users so when these types of trends are made up, millennial artists benefits a lot from it so make sure to try the hashtag and express your creative side.