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What Operating Systems and Browsers does Internet Sweeper support?

The O/Ss include Win95 / 98 / NT / ME / 2000 and XP
Flash Clean can support other browsers by using plug-ins, and you can download them from our website.

What does Internet Sweeper do when I click Test Now ?

Test Now offers a safe way to check the items you want to clean , after you select them, you click the Test Now, and then on Detail List to see what will be cleaned. This is just a test and no cleaning will be done

What is the Application Plug-in ?

There are so many applications/programs that keep track of your activities - the Mediaplayer playlist, Realplayer, files of Office, Acrobat, Winzip, etc. Others can also see what files you have accessed, what media you have played , and what pictures you have viewed.
Flash Clean's free plug-ins give you the flexibility to choose which plug-in to install according to the applications you have installed. This givesFlash Clean the ability to support up to a nearly-unlimited number of applications.

How do I uninstall Internet Sweeper ?

1) Click Start ->Programs->Flash Clean->Uninstall Flash Clean
2) Click Start ->Settings->Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs->Flash Clean


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